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The opticians at Brantford Optometry can help you achieve clear, comfortable vision with contact lenses. It is our priority to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in optical technology and we are trained to fit all kinds of lenses. Let us match you with contact lenses that are designed for your day-to-day needs. 

Contact Lense Fitting

For First-Time Wearers


This is a necessary service for first-time contact lens wearers. During this appointment, we will teach you how to insert and remove your contact lenses confidently. For the health and safety of your eyes, you must be able to do this on your own before leaving the office with the contact lens trials. Additionally, the optician will teach you about contact lens hygiene, safety and care.


This appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes, unless you are unable to insert and remove the contacts during the appointment, in which case a follow-up appointment must be scheduled at no charge.

Close Up on Eyes

Contact Lense Fitting

For Experienced Wearers


This service is available for experienced contact lens-wearers who are able to insert and remove lenses on their own. During this appointment, we will convert your eyeglass prescription to a contact lens prescription, check your visual acuity with lenses inserted, and make alterations if needed. We also assess the fitting of the lens on your eye to ensure your lens is in the correct position and has proper movement to prevent any ocular health issues. An up-to-date eyeglass prescription is required.


(This appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes.)

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